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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Self - Evaluation #3

After completing the third evaluation period for this blog project I feel that my performance has improved.  For the first time I feel that I have covered a wide range of topics within the waste to energy field, in a more interesting way.  I tried to tie together technologies in the waste to energy field with everyday experiences that people may have.  Including beer!  The one area I feel that my blog has suffered is in the publicizing area.  I have had minimal comments, especially from those other than the Prof. Schneider.  I do realize that most students have just enough time to write their own posts, let alone read others and comment.  I feel that I could have improved my blog by letting others know of my blog who are not in the class.  I have produced 15 posts this period and feel that a wide range of topics were covered in different ways.  I have slacked on commenting on others blogs, but have done well responding to comments I get on my blog.  The use of different media formats have been effective throughout my blog.

Overall I feel that this blog project has been effective in changing/improving my communication abilities.  I feel that I have made the transition from producing bland deficit model posts to more interesting and practical posts.  Although I would have never decided to create a blog on my own, I feel that this has made me a better communicator and I have enjoyed the experience.

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